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Sessional Teaching /Film Studies January 2015 to April 2015 (2014W Term 2).

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Theatre and Film Teaching Assistantships for 2014/2015 Academic Session.

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The University of British Columbia is accepting applications for one fulltime (100%) renewable 12 month lecturer position (1 year contract) in Film Studies, in the Department of Theatre and Film, commencing July 1 2014.

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Submit to Cinephile! Submissions for our upcoming issue of Cinephile MUSIC IN DOCUMENTARY (Issue 10.1) are due March 17.

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MA Film Alumnus Joshua M. Ferguson Earns Recognition for Whispers of Life

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FREE Lunchtime Films! Cinema Salon @ UBC Library

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Iconic Videomatica film collection available at UBC and SFU 

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Alumni Cam Cronin and Gerald Vanderwoude Take on New Roles at UBC 

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100 Cult Films? There's an app for that!

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Ernest Mathijs “takes film buffs down the rabbit hole.”

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Congratulations to Jonathan Cannon, who has been accepted to the PhD program in Screen Studies in the Department of English at Oklahoma State University. Jonathan is a graduate of the MA in Film Studies program at UBC. His master’s thesis was entitled, “Ambivalent Ambulation: Fan Pilgrimage and the Itinerantextual Cult Film.” Best of luck, Jonathan!

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Cinephile's latest issue 9.1 Reevaluating Television now available!

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The Department of Theatre & Film congratulates Ernest Mathijs on promotion to Full Professor.

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IN MEMORIAM, MARK HARRIS. Mark Harris, dedicated UBC Theatre & Film faculty member, dies at 62.

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click here Cinephile's latest issue 8.2 Contemporary Extremism now available!

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The Centre for Cinema Studies (CCS) at the University of British Columbia has launched an international audience survey on digital cinema.
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Associate Professor Ernest Mathijs Weighs in on Game of Thrones
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Students Seth Soulstein & Peter Lester published in SCOPE
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Congratulations to Jessica Hughes, who has been accepted to the PhD program at the University of Queensland in Australia. Jessica is a graduate of the MA in Film Studies program at UBC. Her master's thesis was entitled, "The Good, the Bad, the Thirsty: De-Mystification in the Postmodern Vampire Film." Congrats Jessica!

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Collection Represents a Lifetime of Film Study: The family of retired UBC professor Aristides Gazetas has kindly donated a collection of 56 film books to the UBC Department of Theatre and Film's film library in the Visual Resources Centre.

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Congratulations to Associate Professor Lisa Coulthard, who has been elected Chair of the Editorial Board and Managing Editor of the Canadian Journal of Film Studies.

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Congratulations to UBC Theatre and Film Prof. Ernest Mathijs on the launch of his controversial new book "100 Cult Films".

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Film Studies prof Ernest Mathijs interviewed on Zombie love!

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"Cowboys and Aliens with Angst". Brent Stang, a former MA Film Studies' student and now a PhD student at SUNY, was interviewed by the Globe and Mail on the Western genre.

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Film Studies Professor Brian McIlroy has recently received one of the new SSHRC Insight Development Grants for a project entitled “Screens in Vancouver: Cinemagoing and the City in 1914.”

"Drunk History and Displaced Vocality"
Lisa Coulthard

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Starting as a web phenomena, making it onto HBO’s Funny or Die Presents and winning the 2010 Jury Prize for Short Film at the Sundance Film Festival, Derek Waters’ and John Konner’s Drunk History highlights the drama of American history, the convergence and transfer between media in our modern age and the hilarious potential of vocal displacement and incongruity.
>>Continue reading Professor Lisa Couthard's newest essay on FlowTV

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“Vancouver has a film festival?” Ernest Mathijs and Diane Burgess are asked what they think in the Globe and Mail.

Time Wasted
Ernest Mathijs

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"If film cultism today is only what William Bainbridge and Rodney Stark would call an ‘audience cult’ or ‘client cult’, and what Janet Staiger calls ‘visible fandom’ , if cult cinema’s current impulse is disconnected from the history of cultism, why do cult receptions of television and cinema not lose all of their appeal as a factor of resistance against the mainstreaming of culture?"
>>Continue reading Professor Ernest Mathijs' newest essay on FlowTV

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Gifts to the Film Program at UBC ensure that today's Film students have access to the resources that give them the best education possible. With the costs of education rising and the numbers of students growing, UBC has made a commitment to students that no qualified person be denied a UBC education based on financial ability to pay. Your gift would provide Film students with the opportunity to pursue their passions, and take their achievements out into the world.


Film Studies at UBC

Alumni List

We are proud of our Film Studies alumni. The first Film Studies minor (Meredith Powell) graduated in 2000; the first film studies major (Robert Maydonik) graduated in 2003; the first Film Studies Honours student (Daniel Robbins) graduated in 2012. Listed here are the BA Honours, Majors and Minor students who have graduated by year:



Jennifer Ray
Matthew Wray
Daniel Skinner
Adam Cook
Austin Aplin
Jennifer Ainley
Jenny Yen
Rachel Nakano
Lisette Alonso
Conor Wigert
Chase Wyckoff
Sabrina Wong
Jordan Wong
Stephanie Henrikson
Paul Chua
Yvonne Leung
Lee Macneill Johnson


Dillon Craig
Molly Lewis
Jose Mesen
Alexandra Parassidis
Brian Park
Julia Huggins
Daigo Ichikura
Joseph Redwood
Jonathan Stonehouse


Nicolas Ayerbe
Michael Barron
Genevieve Bolduc           
Daniel Caicedo
James Andrew Cross
Shiphrah Deane           
Victoria Forster
Erik Fuhr
Theo Hunt
Annalise Kuester
Sawyer Lee Moore
Azuka Nduka-Agwu           
Mark Nevada
Daniel Oh
Daniel Robbins
Jill Saevitzon           
Frank Spencer
Nathan Vass           
Charles Vallieres
Angela Walsh           
Sonya William
Tobias Winblad           
Angela Yen


Kamran Ahmed
Chelsea Birks
Andrea Brooks           
Mimi Chiahemen
Mario Fasce
Moya Hilliam
Megan Kennedy
Isabelle Lau
Katharine MacLachlan           
Daniel Pope
Ross Sheppard
Andrew Simpson           
Matthew Smalley
Dahee Song           
Christopher Spencer           
Jasmine Wang
Robert Winson


Kyle Beechey
Nives Bogad           
Ya Feng Cheng
Shirley Chiang
Alexandra Fedyk
Joanna Finlay           
Benjamin Lermer
Devin Mackenzie
Jeremy Mathers           
Melody Mead           
Alexandra Rothenberg
Mia Sedlar-Strutinski
Miiro Sueyoshi
Michael Tseng                       
Allison Walchuck


Neale Barnholden
Nicholas Black           
Jonathan Cannon
Claudia Chen
Kelsey Chobotar
Kristen Dawe
Elizabeth Hay
Michelle Ibalio
Stephen King           
Patrick Maziarski           
Emma Myers
Larissa Prairie
Chelsea Stout           
Katannya Yee           
Erin York


Allison Dixon           
Emily Dunlop           
Angela Friesen
Ben Johnstone
Rachel Lipson           
Allison Macleod
Nicholas Miller           
Jeffrey Rios
Erika Rosales           
Jillian Shipley
Dax Sorrenti           
Jenny van Enckevort           


Kelsey Blair
Andrew Dalik           
Helen Dunlop
Dong-Kyun Han
Tamara Harvey
Reena Janmohamed
Malgorzata Juszkiewicz
John Kan           
Belinda Ko           
Joshua Lepeska
Gary Martin
Kaitlin McFetridge           
Colleen Montgomery           
Julia O’Hara
Nathan Ogloff
Leah Rae
Karly Stilling
Amy Swan
Mark Wilmot
Shao-Ting Wu


Juan Arrega
Michael Arzadon           
Ahad Bhai
Kimberley Day
Jesse Ferreras
Graeme Flannigan
Rachel Fox
Kenny Guan
Douglas Haddow
Mark Hogenes
Hye Jin Lee           
Cuong Loi
Matthew Lyons
Jacqueline Miller
Marie-Louise Stares
Megan Steckly           
Jennifer Thomas           
Ronald Tin
Kyle Wells
Debbie Wong           
Jordan Yow
Amy Zimmerman


Ebony Bertorelli           
Carol Chou
Warren Chu
Jinhwan Chung
Brad Crowe
Henry DeMaio
Sandra Garcia
Nina Gogishvili
Helia Haghighat
Nicholas Humphries
Lucas Hunt
Olivia Hurst
Max Ipinza
Hanna Kozielska
Agata Krzyzanowski
Anna Krzyzanowski
Brodie Louie           
Galen Low           
Pawel Maj
Jo-Ann MacDonald           
Frans Oka           
Julian Peverelli
Michael Rae           
Andrew Rudd           
Andrew Salgado
Rachel Sapiano
Damon Stamboulieh           
Adam Taubenfligel           
Danica Tsan Danica           
Saelan Twerdy           
Rita Yee           
Marina Zawisza


Tyler Benjamin
Tamara Courage
Mun Hyun Eum
Robyn Haddow
Maryam Najafi
William Schnieder           
Anze Sparovec
Colin Wenger


Lawren Bancroft-Wilson
Robert Maydonik
Simon McNabb
Hamish van Der Ven


Ryan Lim
Aki Takabatake


Greg Karout
Josias Tschanz


Meredith Powell


The first UBC official MA in Film Studies with thesis was officially granted in 1988 to Maria Insell; however, at least two previous students: Jan-Marie Martell (1978) and Peter Johnson (1984) were awarded MAs in Theatre for a thesis on a film studies topic, and thus they are included on this list.

Jan-Marie Martell (1978)
Peter Wilton Johnson (1984)
Maria Insell (1988)
Lori Johnson (1988)
Debora Peraya  (1992)
Mark Harris (1992)
Stephen Lee (1994)
Melanie Nash (1994)
Richard Kennedy (1995)
Lesley Anderson (1995)
Peter Urquhart (1995)
Katie Weekley (1996)
Anthony Kinik (1997)
Diane Burgess (2000)
Najat Dajani (2000)
Monika Stangel (2002)
Katharine Pettitt (2002)
Jonathan Stubbs (2002)
Brock Poulin (2005)
Jennie Carlsten (2005)
Lindsay Steenberg (2005)
Brenda Wilson (2006)
Christine Evans (2006)
Richard Colin Tait (2007)
Katherine Barcasy (2008)
Brenda Cromb (2008)
Andrew De Waard (2009)
Graeme Krautheim (2009)
Renee Penney (2010)
Colleen Montgomery (2010
Brent Strang (2010)
Joshua Ferguson (2011)
Jessica Hughes (2011)
Jonathan Cannon (2012)
Dax Sorrenti (2012)
Chelsea Birks (2013)
Oliver Kroener (2013)
Babak Tabarraee (2013)